Most of the events have a usual scheme, and although many of them are successful, you can feel that they lack the element providing the uniqueness and exceptionality. Dave Bo – by far the best Polish and one of the best European club saxophonist is an entertainer who can change any event into an unforgettable show. By inviting Dave Bo to your club, you invite a musician who performs at the best clubs in Poland, Germany, France or Switzerland, works for booking agencies in New York and Dubai. You invite a star that performed at the opening of most prestigious club in India – Maya (Pune).Where you can meet world famous stars like Pitbull playing on the regular basis.



The number of saxophonist on the polish club scene is still increasing, but no one else has as huge improvisational abilities as Dave Bo. Which are a result of years of experience working at the clubs but also at many prestigious events like for example Eva Minge fashion show.